Friday, March 1, 2013

Findings Pte Ltd

I suppose the 'secret' is out now.

Yes, we have opened an education centre at Balmoral Plaza in Singapore, diagonally opposite a famous clock tower. We handle education, research and consultancy, and we're an ethical organisation. That is to say, we won't take your money unless you benefit fairly from the expenditure.

What are fees like? For a small tutorial group (min. 5, max. 10) which convenes for just under 2 hours a week, we charge about $400/month per student. You are guaranteed that our teachers are at least qualified, and often much more than that.

I'm quite certain that you, being savvy enough to get to this page, will find us. That's why we call ourselves Findings...

Should you prefer individual or even smaller group tuition, my rates are in the previous post. However, I don't have many such time slots, so places are limited and relatively costly. Must apologise for that; economics, you know. Sigh.

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